Dawn M. Carpenter

Dr. Carpenter is an investment banker with the heart of a teacher and a scholar. She is a leading authority for financial management and the capitalization of social purpose corporations, having served for over 25 years as an investment and commercial banker and financial adviser to some of America’s most venerable social purpose corporations. Dr. Carpenter’s work in business ethics also positions her as a leading authority in socially-responsible business and investment.

Dr. Carpenter is currently engaged as a Practitioner Fellow at Georgetown University’s Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor where she serves on the advisory board as the co-developer of the Labor Capital Management Fellowship program. In her work at Georgetown University, she has also created a new Business Podcast Fellowship program in conjunction with the McDonough School of Business where she is leading a team to re-design and re-launch her iTunes Top 20 Business podcast More than Money — ranked by Causeartist.com as one of the Top 15 Podcasts that Will Inspire You to Change the World. The new show is scheduled to launch in 2020.

Dr. Carpenter is also a frequent writer and lecturer on the integration of Catholic theology and social teaching and business and the principles of contributive justice. Ms. Carpenter is currently designing a course entitled “Stakeholder Capitalism and Social Finance” for the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and teaches Applied Financial Management in the MS in Business program at the Busch School of Business at Catholic University of America, and has taught financial management courses in the graduate programs of public policy at both the University of Maryland and George Mason University.

Dr. Carpenter earned her doctorate from Georgetown University, where her groundbreaking work in applied ethics is rooted in a theological understanding of the nature work and the responsibilities of wealth. Her work in contributive justice theory offers unique insights in moral foundation theory particularly as it can be applied in business ethics and stakeholder theories in management. Dr. Carpenter has previously earned an M.P.M. in Public Sector Financial Management from the University of Maryland, an M.A. in Sacred Theology from the Notre Dame Graduate School of Christendom College, and B.A./M.A. in Political Science from American University.

A more detailed professional biography and academic profile can be found on her faculty page.