Rod Wallace

Dr. Rod Wallace is a business strategist, economist, and speaker focused on energizing organizations to deliver profit and make a difference. With a unique background that crosses international business, social research, and technology, Wallace provides thought leadership for teams seeking to develop a pragmatic way to deliver distinctive value to investors and society.

Rod is a Fulbright Fellow who earned his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. He has studied the impact of artificial intelligence on society, investigated Japanese pharmaceutical distribution for the Japanese Ministry of Trade, Economy, and Industry, and partnered in a French energy plant acquisition. His publications focus on the interplay between history and present, technology and society, collaboration and competition.

In his Amazon best-selling book Drowning in Potential: How American Society Can Survive Digital Technology, Wallace articulates the unique challenges of our modern age while presenting strategies and tools for overcoming society’s most pressing issues.

Rod has held leadership roles in strategy consulting, marketing, sales, and business development. He is the only PhD economist (at least, that he knows of) who has sold a billion dollars of vegetable oil.

Rod’s website is