Guest Lecture: Mary Inman on Whistleblower Protection Law and Reward Programs (video)

It was a great privilege to have Mary Inman, who is a partner in Constantine Cannon’s London Office specialized in representing whistleblowers worldwide, as a guest lecturer within my Corporate Governance and Globalization module at the University of East London.

As I have recently mentioned in the article that focused on the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, whistleblowers play a crucial role in unveiling corporate misconducts. In particular, over the course of the last decade, whistleblowers have become of vital importance for identifying the companies who commit serious misconducts and helping the authorities in prosecuting them. They are the true heroes of our time, and the ineffectiveness of internal controls and external auditors means we must rely on them to unveil corporate malpractices.

If this is true, it is crucial not only to establish a solid legal framework to protect them against any form of retaliation or intimidation but also to establish rewarding regimes (like the ones adopted in the United States and Canada) to incentivize ethical employees to blow the whistle. This seems particularly appropriate taking into consideration that many states have abandoned their monitoring role assigning to corporations the onerous task of policing themselves, with the inherent conflict of interest that arises from that.

In her fascinating lecture (please find the related video below), Mary Inman covered such important matter with passion, offered illuminating insights into the legal framework currently in place, and suggested interesting ways to enhance it further. This lecture is extremely relevant also taking into consideration that the European Union is going to adopt a new common legal framework for the protection of whistleblowers.

The related PowerPoint presentation slides are available for download here.

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